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Posted by: Joel @ 2013-12-10 11:13:11
Much apologies. We had an issue with the site and lost backups of the actual website. Resolved from a found backup and brought back up to operational status. No Databases were lost and continued to operate as expected. New Signups are available again. Thanks for patience and continued dedication to this free service.
DDoS outage
Posted by: Joel @ 2012-09-11 07:43:44
Yesterday (9/10/12) there was a dns outtage due to a DDoS Attack on GoDaddy; Please forgive any inaccessible time as this was completely out of our control.

Welcome To MySQL For Free!

MySQL is an Open Source Database Server. It is currently one of the most downloaded applications on the web! is here to help you, the developer, the student, or the hobbyist, to learn and practice MySQL and SQL in General by providing you with a Free MySQL Database up to 25MB.

MySQL For Free is overseen by Joel Hanger - a Certified MySQL Database Administrator with over a decade of experience utilizing and developing among the Unix, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP environments.

With this free MySQL database you can learn the basics of database administration, specifically MySQL databases, without a hassle. No strings, no gimmics, just 25MB of Free MySQL Database Space for you to learn, practice, and experiment on. Where you go with the free mysql database is up to you!

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